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Cultural Marxism Has Infested Our Country

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Cultural Marxism has infested our country, young people, i.e. SENSITIVE LITTLE SNOWFLAKES and far too many young ‘men’ have been completely emasculated in the process. REMEMBER; it is part of the long term plan.
~Michael Slavin Sr.~

Michael Slavin Sr United States Navy, Retired
Michael Slavin Sr
United States Navy, Retired

Unfortunately Cultural Marxism has metastasized across a wide swath of our country, where inner cities, college students, young people and especially young minorities, are easy prey.

*Yet more simple thought(s) that turned into a dissertation* Please read it to the end, my hope is that you find it time well spent.

Marxism speaks mostly to the non-thinking, emotionally driven psyche of its victims. Why?

Because it is far easier to lash out emotionally when these hot button issues are pushed by the puppet master Marxist overlords that infest the upper echelon of politics, the media and the entertainment industry.

Because it is far easier through blind emotion to revert back to the inner Neanderthal that resides deep in one’s DNA, than it is to question the validity of what is being spoon fed to them. It is much easier to break everything down to good vs. evil, and protest and chant with like ‘minded’ group think hordes.

Because first impressions and/or opinions leave a lasting mark, especially when emotion was the trigger. This makes it far more difficult for logic and facts to erase, regardless if the original information was imparted with facts or falsehoods.

More importantly it is far easier to be part of a group that supports that which you feel, a group which constantly reaffirms and reassures you that you are part of a like-minded collective, than it is to stand alone on your morals and convictions.

You see critical cognitive thinking requires work, it requires an effort be made to quantify your solutions to the facts as they are and not as the group would lead you to believe.

But in this day and age, most do not realize that those designations are being identified for them, not by them. They allow “our employees” (politicians) to place labels upon them which do not strengthen them, but weaken them by division.

Our employees use this division to their own advantage by pitting Americans against one another and in the ensuing fog of the war of words and with the chaos and strife of riots/protests, our employees are then given the cover they need to do that which they please that most benefit themselves, while short-changing the citizens (their BOSSES) they “SWORE” to serve.

The ONLY thing that will free these people is if they would simply take a step back and take a few minutes of their “valuable time,” and think.

Take a look around at all of the chaos and strife and bloodletting here and around the world that has increased exponentially in NObamas tenure as POTUS and THINK.

The pieces of the puzzle are there if anyone wants to make the effort to put them together and simply open their eyes.

ANYONE that uses their critical thinking skills CANNOT deny that this UBER PC (number one tool of the devout Marxist) lunacy has been culpable for the aforementioned damage.

The seeds of Marxism were laid in our colleges and universities shortly after the end of WWII. The communist Russians KNEW they could not defeat our military, economy/manufacturing in a head to head battle.

So, they did the next best thing, they got inside the “mush like sponge brains” of students. They knew it would take time for those seeds to come to fruition, but the payoff would be worth the wait.

THIS is how secularists/Marxist regimes start chipping away at the pillars (traditional family and religion) of a strong and vibrant Republic/nation. They always first attempt to sever the roots of religion and the traditional family unit. This has been the modus operandi of all despots/totalitarians/Marxist/fascist regimes since the late 1700’s.

This blue print has been in place since Louie the XVI capitulated and was over-run by the mindless, easily worked into a frenzy, emotionally driven ravenous mobs (which led to his head and 1000’s of other heads to be chopped off) at the beginning of the “infamous” French Revolution.

Got traditional family?

Its lack of parenting and having children come into the world with a mother and the lack of a father in their lives which starts those young lives on the wrong foot.

And the substitute for the fathers?

The government.

Ever since LBJ introduced the ‘great society’ plan, government slowly began to replace the father as the primary bread winner.

The government basically gave carte blanche to women to have children without the need of a male in their lives and the government would pay for it.

My suggestion to parents, DO NOT LET THE STATE raise your child. It is YOUR responsibility to instill values, religion and pride in their heritage in your home/family environment.

We have far too many “children raising children,” I.E. those that want to be friends first and maybe parents second and that ruinous fact is evident in real time with these self-absorbed, self-important, sensitive little snowflakes called millennials.

Got religion?

It has become abundantly clear that as God has been pushed out of our young people’s lives our country has become more vulnerable to those forces that look to control their minds.

Take a look around at the drastically eroding morals in our everyday lives through the “cult of personality” and modern technology. For decades our younger people have been bombarded with anti-religious entities and sadly it shows.

In the eyes of the media, the counterculture won. As a society, we no longer celebrate the good things in America.

The heroes of yesteryear are as hard to find as the use of the word “yesteryear.” Valiant soldiers, astronauts, police officers and more have been torn down, criticized and destroyed by the keepers of our pop culture.

Replacing them are street thug rappers, clueless athletes and brainless Hollywood stars.



Start living your own lives and stop living vicariously through the “so-called” celebrities. These ‘entertainers’ don’t give a hoot about you or your future for it is their celebrity they covet, along with “your money.”

An important part of the formula to cure the disease/cancer that is Marxism (via cultural Marxism), is to quite simply label ourselves, every one of us Americans!

Only then will we be able to bridge the crevasse that exists between us.

Only then will we be able to come together as one people and set upon a plan which will turn our country/republic away from the abyss of irrelevancy.

If we are able to achieve even a small semblance of that which made our republic both possible and great, we very well may be able to save the futures of our children and grandchildren.

May God Bless you and God Bless the United States of America.

*DISCLAIMER* When I write I NEVER mean that EVERYONE of any group/age/ethnicity is included. I would never stereotype like that, though it does mean that enough are IMHO (in my humble opinion) affected that it is worth putting thought to keystroke.

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Die bösartige Schlange, erzählt von Donald Trump mit deutschen Untertiteln

Dieses Video (Scrollen zum Ende dieses Beitrags) nahm Deutschland im Sturm, viel zu dem bestürzt der Marxismus/kommunistischer Premierminister Angela Merkel. Die uninformierte, insbesondere die unter-gebildeten, ausgelösten Millenniums würden Fragen: “Sie haben den Sozialismus mit dem Nationalsozialismus vermischt.”

Nein, weil die Generation der Millenniums im Verlauf der letzten 30 Jahre absichtlich stumm ist. Das Wort “Nazi” steht für “Nationalsozialismus”.

Sozialismus/Kommunismus und Nationalsozialismus sind nur zwei Flügel desselben Vogels. Die Millenniums sind zu glauben, dass Nazis weit Rechte Extremisten sind, während Sie nirgendwo in der Nähe von Rechtsextremismus sind. Im Gegenteil, Sie sind weit gegangen, wie die amerikanische Extremist Fraktion, der Ku Klux Klan, die erklärten weiße Supremacist Nazis sind, auch wenn Sie dem deutschen Nationalsozialismus vorausgegangen sind.

In unruhigen Zeiten sind die ängstlich und naiv immer zu charismatischen radikalen gezeichnet.

Darüber hinaus glauben die Millenniums, dass Nazis das Schlimmste Beispiel für Völkermord und Verbrechen gegen die Menschlichkeit sind, während ihre schrecklichen Verbrechen gegen die Menschlichkeit blass im Vergleich zu den Gräueltaten, die gegen die Menschheit durch den russischen Josef Stalin verübt wurden, der 20.000.000 seiner eigenen Leute ermordet hat!

Die schlimmsten Verbrecher jemals, und für alle Zeit
1. Stalin
2. Mao
3. Hitler

Stalin ermordete 65.000.000 Menschen. 20.000.000 von Ihnen waren seine eigenen Landsleute.

Mao Tse dung ermordete 35.000.000 seiner eigenen Landsleute.

Hitler ermordete 21.000.000.

Der radikale Islam hat in den letzten 1.500 Jahren noch mehr getötet!

Die Wahrheit über den blutigen Islam, klicken Sie hier jetzt!

Die amerikanische FAQ = Nazi-weiße Rassisten

Die bösartige Schlange, erzählt von Donald Trump mit deutschen Untertiteln


If you are an American citizen and you have friends in Germany and Europe-at-large, please e-mail this to them.

Otherwise, there is little chance that Europe will ever be saved from the scourge of socialism, communism, and radical Islam!

Lyrics wie von Donald j. Trump erzählt
Auf dem Weg zur Arbeit eines morgens
Hinunter den Weg entlang des Sees,
Eine zarte Frau sah eine schlechte Hälfte gefroren Schlange
“Nimm mich in Oh Tender Woman”
Nimm mich rein, um Himmels Willen!
Nimm mich in, Oh zarte Frau, “Seufzer der bösartigen Schlange.”
Jetzt hat Sie ihn in Ihren Busen, “Du bist so schön!” Sie rief.
“aber wenn ich dich nicht hierher gebracht hätte, hättest du sterben können”
Sie Strich seine hübsche Haut und dann küsst sie und hielt ihn fest
Aber statt zu sagen, danke Ihnen, die Schlange gab ihr einen bösartigen Biss
“Ich rettete dich”, rief die Frau
“und du hast mich gebissen, Himmel warum?”
Du weißt, dass dein Biss giftig ist und jetzt werde ich sterben.
“Ach Klappe, dumme Frau”, sagte das Reptil mit einem Grinsen;
“Sie wussten verdammt gut, dass ich eine Schlange war, bevor Sie mich mitgenommen haben!”

Little Caesars’ Pizza Serves Muslim Pork Pepperoni

Little Caesars Pizza is being sued by a triggered Musrat for serving pork pepperoni despite a request for Halal meat. Way to go, Little Caesar! Now that poor sheethead is going to hell and won’t see those 72 virgins. 

72 virgins

Donald Trump Narrates The Vicious Snake w/German Subtitles

Donald Trump erzählt die bösartige Schlange w/Deutsche Untertitel

This video (Scroll to the bottom of this post) took Germany by storm, much to the consternation of Marxist/Communist Prime Minister Angela Merkel. The uninformed, particularly the under-educated, triggered millennials would ask, “You’ve got socialism mixed up with Nazism.”

No, because the millennial generation has been intentionally dumbed-down over the course of the last 30 years. The word “Nazi” stands for “national socialism.”

Socialism/communism and Nazism are just two wings of the same bird. Millennials have been duped into believing that Nazis are far-right extremists, while they are nowhere close to being right-wing. On the contrary, they are far left, as demonstrated by the American extremist faction, the Ku Klux Klan, which are avowed Nazis, even though they preceded German Nazism.

Additionally, millennials believe that Nazis are the worst example of genocide and crimes against humanity, while their horrific crimes against humanity pale in comparison to the atrocities perpetrated against humanity by Russia’s Joseph Stalin who murdered 20 MILLION of his own people!

Radical Islam has killed even more over the last 1,500 years!

The TRUTH about Bloody Islam, CLICK HERE NOW!

The Vicious Snake, Narrated by Donald Trump with German Subtitles

Lyrics as narrated by Donald J. Trump

On her way to work one morning

Down the path along the lake,

A tender-hearted woman saw a poor half frozen snake

“Take me in oh tender woman

Take me in, for heaven’s sake!

Take me in, oh tender woman, ” sighed the vicious snake.

Now she clutched him to her bosom, “You’re so beautiful!”  she cried.

“But if I hadn’t brought you in by now you might have died”

She stroked his pretty skin and then she kissed and held him tight

But instead of saying thank you, that snake gave her a vicious bite

“I saved you, ” cried the woman

“And you’ve bit me, heavens why?

You know your bite is poisonous and now I’m going to die”

“Oh shut up, silly woman, ” said the reptile with a grin;

“You knew damned well I was a snake before you took me in!

The Worldwide Coalition Against Islam event needs our help!

William Finlay, aka; Wild Bill for America is headed for Calgary, Alberta,  to speak at the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam! The event starts TOMORROW, June 24th. We have information that the extremely Marxist Liberal Canadian government is busing in agitators to make things difficult for the event. Bill is asking to put him and the others on your prayer lists as they take a stand against the most dangerous false religion on earth……and the flaming liberals who love it.

The event is sponsored by WCAI: World Coalition Against Islam

NOTE: We had intended to post Bill’s video here from his YouTube channel, but just to show you how the Liberal left wing also known as Google and YouTube have interfered with this event, YouTube has been running pro-Islam ads on Bill’s YouTube videos. What a slap in the face! That said, we decided to convert his video into MP4 format so you, the viewer wouldn’t have to put up with watching that crap!

Published on May 16, 2017

June 24, 2017 in Calgary Alberta Canada come join us for the first Canadian/USA alliance of citizens standing against the violence and oppression of Islam.

Infidels, UNITE!

Nancy Pelosi has lost it. We’re thinking Alzheimers….

Nancy Pelosi has lost it. Watch her incoherent rants, and her narcissistic bragging of her feigned political prowess.  If it’s not Alzheimers, she must be stoned. Isn’t it about time we required our Senators and Congressmen and women to submit to a UA each day they report for work?

The following video is brought to us by the Daily Shit Show w/ Juan Contreras YouTube channel. (What an appropriately named channel for politics) Published on Jun 22, 2017

Juan tells us, “Thursday when asked about criticisms that her leadership contributed to the recent special election losses for the Democratic Party, House Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said she was a “target” because she is “a master legislator.” Pelosi said, “We believe there’s a real opportunity. Now, it’s not a slam dunk. History is on our side, but it takes strategic, unified and disciplined — to have harmony. It doesn’t mean we have anonymity, but we have unity when it comes to that fight. Should I sing my praises? Well, I am a master legislator. I am a strategic politically astute leader. My leadership is recognized by many around the country, and that is why I am able to attract the support that I do which is essential to our election, sad to say.

“I am very pleased that the cooperation that we’re doing working with all the social media and small donor community to change how we communicate but also how we attract resources, intellectual and financial to the party,” she continued. “I have experience in winning the Congress. When people said to us in 2005, you don’t have a chance, be prepared for a Republican permanent majority, I said — Harry Reid and I said we don’t accept that. We proceeded. We took the president from 58 to 38. President Bush won the election. The fact is they will always make a target. Senator Reid was a target. Senator Daschle was a target. Tip O’Neill is a target. I am a target. They always want to choose our leaders and usually, they go after the most effective leaders because they want to take us, diminish the opportunity that we have.”

Pelosi: I Am a ‘Target’ Because I Am a ‘Master Legislator,’ ‘Politically Astute Leader’ (She’s Not)

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Ode to a Liberal Tree Hugger

A woman from Los Angeles who was a tree hugger, a Liberal Democrat, and an anti-hunter, purchased a piece of timberland near Colville, WA.

There was a large tree on one of the highest points in the tract. She wanted a good view of the natural splendor of her land so she started to climb the big tree.

As she neared the top she encountered a spotted owl that attacked her. In her haste to escape, the woman slid down the tree to the ground and got many splinters in her crotch.

In considerable pain, she hurried to a local ER to see a doctor. She told him she was an environmentalist, a liberal democrat, and an anti-hunter and how she came to get all the splinters. The doctor listened to her story with great patience and then told her to go wait in the examining room and he would see if he could help her.

She sat and waited three hours before the doctor reappeared. The angry woman demanded, “What took you so long?” He smiled and then told her, “Well, I had to get permits from the Environmental Protection Agency, the Forest Service, and the Bureau of Land Management before I could remove old-growth timber from a “recreational area” so close to a waste treatment facility.

I’m sorry, but due to Obama Care they turned me down.”

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Video of Officer Involved Shooting Released (WARNING: Graphic content)

The Squad car dashcam video of the July 6, 2016 traffic stop of Philando Castile in Ramsey County, Minnesota has just been released.

The police officer who shot and killed Philando Castile in Minnesota has just been acquitted, and many people in the community are upset with the situation. Castile is black, the police officer is Hispanic; yet race-baiters are making it out that the officer was white.

Officer Jeronimo Yanez’s dashcam video puts the event into a completely different perspective the claims by the victim’s girlfriend that the he was only reaching for his drivers’ license. The victim told the officer he had a gun in the vehicle. When the officer told him to not reach for it, he continued to do so.

(What part of the name Jeronimo Yanez is it that Liberals cannot understand is hispanic?)

Oh, that’s right, they’re under-educated snowflakes. We can’t expect them to understand that. Race-baiters are jumping on this case once again in an attempt to fan the flames of racism, when it is far from a race issue. It is all about an officer’s ability to protect themselves. 

The dashcam footage on Officer Yanez’s squad car was the primary deciding factor in the officer’s acquittal, as it was played numerous times to jurors who all unanimously decided Officer Yanez innocent of charges against him.

Officer Yanez stated that the victim matched the description of a robbery suspect from a few days prior to the incident.

Knowing the anti-law enforcement bias of the lamestream Liberal media, had the officer been killed by Castile, they would never have issued a blurb about it in the news.

As a former law-enforcement officer myself, I can tell you how to keep from getting shot in a traffic stop:

#1. Keep your hands on the steering wheel until the officer asks you to get your drivers license, registration, and proof of insurance.

#2. Keep all that information on your person, NOT in the glove box or console of your vehicle where a gun could be hidden.

#3. Once you have given the officer what he has requested, put your hands back on the steering wheel and leave them there until the officer instructs you to do ANYTHING else.

Blue Lives Matter!

They lay their lives on the line every time they go on duty!

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Deplorables, prepare yourselves: More triggered snowflakes crying again

Scroll down the page and enjoy the videos.

In Georgia, Karen Handel staves off national Democratic challenge

Initial reports coming in indicate triggered Liberals all over the country are crying again, not just in Georgia. Such music to our ears! We thoroughly enjoy hearing Liberals bawl their eyes out.

You would think that by now they would have figured out that America is fed-up with Obama’s “Hope and Change?”

America now has HOPE, and Obama and the Liberals can keep their “change.” If they want socialism so bad, let them move to France, Canada, China, or Cuba for that matter.

The rectal pain must be unbearable. Perhaps they need to fill out this butthurt report and FAX it to someone who cares?

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Deplorables Republic

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Liberal nut job Tweets Sheriff Clarke’s home address

Liberal nut job Tweets Sheriff Clarke’s home address calling for left-wing attacks against him; reported by Freedom Daily.

These left-wing extremist nutjobs would have gone stark raving MAD if the militias has done anything near what they have done in recent weeks, yet they are the ones calling conservatives extremists? Remember when former DHS Secretary Janet Reno told us the greatest danger we have to national security was “right wing extremists?” We so-called “right wing extremists” didn’t go around shooting people who we didn’t agree with. So who are the real BIGOTS? That’s a no-brainer. Left-wing Marxist extremists, aka; the Democrat Party are the greatest threat to national security.

So what do you do? We say fight fire with fire. It doesn’t take a huge budget to be able to find out anything you want about ANYONE you want these days thanks to the Worldwide Web.

We propose that anytime a left-wing loon decides to take it upon themselves to “dox” a public official and call out their Libtard extremists to inflict violence upon them to return the favor. Find out the home address of the offending party and post it on all of your conservative Twitter accounts and Facebook groups and Pages.

For those of you who aren’t up on the term “dox,” here is what it means:

“Searching for and publishing private or identifying information about (a particular individual) on the Internet, typically with malicious intent.” “hackers and online vigilantes routinely dox both public and private figures”

How does the old saying go? “Turnabout is fair play?” (Every dog has his day.)

Liberals better get used to the idea, because the militias are watching them, and they really don’t want to screw with the militias.

Militias Forming – USA Preparing Anti Trump Election Riots

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