Since when do Godless Liberals qualify to pass judgement on morality?  This, the party of infanticide, who murder black babies with impunity to the tune of MILLIONS?  Nearly 50 MILLION  innocent American babies have been murdered by abortion since 1973 when Roe vs. Wade was enacted. 13 MILLION of them have been to black families. Where do they get off pontificating about ANYTHING relating to morality when everything they do and say is immoral?
Abortion Has Killed More Black Americans Than Crime, Accidents, Cancer or AIDS and they’ve got a nerve calling conservatives ‘morally tainted?’ We’ll tell you who is morally tainted starting at the top. We’re thinking Bill and Hillary Clinton for starters who have no morals whatsoever. They claim to be United Methodist ‘Christians’ but ignored the 10 Commandments as if they were the 10 Suggestions; promote sodomy and everything else that is counter to Judeo-Christian beliefs. Calling yourself a Christian doesn’t make you one anymore than going to McDonald’s makes you a Big Mac.

Alleged journalist Cokie Roberts: Trump and Those Who Support Him are ‘Morally Tainted’


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Speaking of Liberal Morality…. Tainted?




And then there are those Benghazi Liars
And then there are those Benghazi Liars. Tainted?