Deplorables Flash Mobs: How to Start a Brushfire. I accidentally started one today. Sometimes you can start a brushfire without much fanfare, It only takes a spark to get a raging fire going, and that’s exactly what happened today in a very meaningful way. Samuel Adams took note of that concept during the Revolutionary War:

“It does not take a majority to prevail… but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.” ~Samuel Adams

Earlier today, I was moderating comments left on our flagship Facebook Page, Wake UP, America which now has over 308,000 members, and I came across a hilarious meme left by a member as a comment. As hilarious as it was, I felt the need to post it in a more prominent place so it could be seen and enjoyed by more people. I figured as hard as it made me laugh, it would have the same effect on other “Deplorables.” That was an understatement. 

I posted that meme by sharing it from our page to multiple Trump GROUPS on Facebook, as well as multiple other conservative groups and it exploded. Tens of thousands of people picked-up on it and are now planning on going to Starbucks to implement it. This is the meme that inspired it. It’s not the most professionally created meme, but it expresses the way most of us feel about our current state of the Union and those who would tear it down.


Several people then went to their neighborhood Starbucks and reported back to their peers that it worked! They went to Starbucks where all of the little crybaby Liberal “snowflakes” congregate, ordered their coffee and left the name, “Donald Trump.” When their orders were ready, the cashier associate called out the name “Donald Trump,” and the entire room erupted in crying!

Sounds like a plan to me, and we can do it at the expense of these sensitive little snowflakes! Please use a little tiny bit of couth here. If you happen to drop in to a Starbucks and they are already crying, WAIT until that particular crowd has left before you try it again. Also, you might want to carry a cannister of mace with you in case one of them reacts violently.

We’re thinking this will go over better even than a BOYCOTT, and we’ll be laughing all the way home while they’re crying their eyes out in meltdown mode.

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