House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul, R-Tex., unveiled a plan to overhaul homeland security that includes: “extreme vetting” of foreign travelers; revamping the visa application process; immediate suspension of all immigration, including refugees, from high-risk areas; building a wall and increasing border assets; ending catch-and-release policies; reforming asylum standards; deporting criminal aliens; ending sanctuary cities; implementing a full entry-exit system; re-examining guest-worker programs; and mandating E-Verify.

“The overhaul must…start shutting down all terrorist pathways into the United States. First, we must begin “extreme vetting” of foreign travelers…[Those] who have recently traveled to a terrorist hotspot and applying for a visa to our country should undergo a much more intensive, up-front background check. That is why I plan to revamp U.S. visa security and provide expanded authorities to our front line investigators…In general, our goal should be to identify and exclude individuals who have ties to terror, who advocate Islamist extremism, or who support the overthrow of our government and Constitution.”

“Second, we should immediately suspend immigration from high-risk countries where we cannot confidently weed out terror suspects…We know for certain that groups like ISIS have already used refugee flows as a Trojan Horse to attack our allies in France and Germany. Top national security officials have told me—privately and publicly—that they are not confident in our ability to prevent terror operatives from infiltrating the Syrian refugee program. So until we get the right protections in place, it should be suspended.”

Read Chairman McCaul’s full speech.

Seem’s as if we are off to a good start, but we ALL must be vigilant to make sure America stays on track and moving forward in the correct direction.  We must stay awake and NEVER fall asleep again!  Globalists got way to close and they will NEVER give up.  Keep your eyes open.