Obama and the left continue to spread their contention that so-called “Fake News” is the reason left-wingers lost the election not only at the executive level, but in the House and Senate as well. Our advice to them is “Own it and move on!”

Now Obama is also postulating that “America wasn’t ready for a Black President.” Nothing could be further from the truth!. We conservatives can post an entire list of black conservatives that are infinitely more qualified than he will ever be, beginning with Dr. Ben Carson. Add Condoleeza Rice to the list and there you have it, but that’s just the beginning. Allen West would also make an excellent president. Need more names?

The left’s top target seems to be Breitbart News. If they now blame Breitbart, perhaps they shouldn’t have assassinated its’ founder. After all, paybacks are a beeotch!

Brian Williams Criticizes ‘Fake News’ After Losing NBC Job for Exaggerating Iraq Story

From Grassfire.com:
Unless you watch propaganda media outlets like MSNBC, CNN and the rest of their ilk you probably don’t even know disgraced News anchor Brian Williams is paid $10,000,000 a year by NBC to again host the news. Yes, the man who claimed he was taking fire from hostile combatants in a chopper when he was actually an hour away in safety. The man who was fired for the lie.

Brian Williams lied to the American public. He blatantly faked a news story and lost his job over it. Why he is given another lucrative content to discuss the news is anyone’s guess.

Then again, this is the mainstream propaganda media we’re talking about here. A media that wants everyone to stop sharing fake news and leave that to the professionals.

Which makes it no surprise that Williams just aired a segment of brilliant irony and hypocrisy. In the segment Williams decided to open up a war on… you guessed it… fake news.

No joke.

Amazing isn’t it? The very networks claiming there is fake news in the world are the very people guilty of fake news.

You just can’t make this stuff up.

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