On November 19th 2016 Richard Spencer gave a speech in Washington D.C. for the annual National Policy Institute(NPI) conference, which resulted in a video made by The Atlantic. During this video, many members of the audience are seen doing the “Roman Salute”, or what is more commonly recognized as the Nazi Salute. The main stream media was a flutter with this evidence that backed up their claims that all the Right is racist, Trump is racist, everyone is a racist. They couldn’t help themselves, it was the best Thanks Giving ever; However, it was completely staged and manufactured.

The first question we would ask our readers to examine is how a virtually unknown figure in the Alt-right movement is now enjoying interviews on main stream media outlets and more publicity than he has ever experienced? How did a man who barely topped 3,000 twitter followers just five weeks ago, now become a central figure purported to represent the whole of the Alt-right? How many of you, the readers, have even heard of Richard Spencer prior to this event, and now this video is splattered all over the main stream media? Do you think he represents the right in anyway, or the alt-right for that matter, or is he just the next sell out to try to gain fame and money by becoming a vehicle figure head, that the leftist media has a license to operate, to utilize to condemn the entirety of the Right.

To understand the manufacturing of a video like this, lets first understand its’ origin, nope not Richard spencer or his followers, the outlet that recorded and distributed the video. The first thing that should be noted is that The Atlantic, which had approached Richard Spencer about documenting his speeches and making a documentary about him, had never filmed one of his speeches prior to the election’s conclusion, or expressed interest in him. Secondly this outlet is owned by National Journal, which is owned by Atlantic Media, which is owned by David G. Bradley whose political affiliations are most definitely not in favor of Trump or his supporters. David G. Bradley Donated money to both Hillary Clinton’s Campaign in 2008, as well as Barack Obama’s that same year. Why would a leftist individual want his left leaning media companies to do a documentary about an Alt-Right speaker, especially one that is nowhere near the top of the radar for right wingers or republicans in general?

If viewing the video wasn’t evidence enough that it was staged, most people that watch it can detect the air of planning and staging. We went out and spoke to multiple sources that had attended Richard Spencer speaking events throughout the last year and beyond. We also spoke to one that was present at the actual event on the video. Across the board, all of the sources that we were able to interview confirmed the same thing, nothing like this or even close to racist speech has ever been a part of any of Richard Spencer’s other speaking events. Many of those we spoke to said they were either shocked or laughed out loud when they first saw the video, stating it bears no semblance what so ever to their personal experience with Richard Spencer speaking engagements.

So if multiple witnesses, from many different events of Richard Spencer’s, all confirm a very different picture of his speeches, why all of the sudden at this speech were “Roman salutes” being thrown up and so obviously coordinated. The answer is fairly easy to figure out. The Atlantic. They were there filming, and have close ties to the main stream media. It’s the first time that any main stream or larger media, has shown any interest in Richard Spencer as a person or as a “Right wing leader”. That’s not a coincidence that these strange coordinated salutes occurred, this one time, that the main stream media decided to be present. The source that we were able to speak to, that was actually present for this event in the video, stated that regulars who have been involved in the National Policy Institute(NPI) were not involved in the salutes and looked confused and shocked when it started. This source also stated that none of the regulars, or those having long standing connections with the NPI, recognized or knew the saluting individuals personally.

In conclusion after researching this situation as rigorously as is possible, without being present, it appears as if these saluting individuals were plants. Either paid, or willing participants and not regular members of the NPI. All evidence points to the main stream media manufacturing a racist win for its’ narrative and it chose to go as extreme as it gets, wanting something truly damning on the “right”. It’s clear that this behavior is not typical for Richard Spencer, or his followers, and many of those that were regularly participants and followers were shocked, in the moment, when this happened. It was so out of place. Lucky for them, I guess. Or rather inevitable that something like this was set up, because why else would a left leaning individual, and his media outlet, show interest in a Right wing organization and speaker? When do leftists go out of their way to provide more media coverage for Right wing speakers or persons? Never.

This wasn’t the Alt-Right, this was the Alt-Rigged. Which gave the flailing and faltering, main stream media, a false “win”. They desperately needed some evidence to back up their cries of racism, so they created it for themselves, this is no different than the wave of fake hate crimes perpetrated by leftists since the election. The left has had to manufacture the evidence so they can continue to use the racism card against anyone that disagrees with them and not be called out on it, and Richard Spencer was just the virtually unknown fridge member of the right who was willing to sell out to gain fame and fortune.