Got Stalin?


Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! ~Isaiah 5:20~


It is said that; “Knowledge is power and Information is power.”


This is very true “If” said information and knowledge is imparted with honesty and based on reality. But, in most cases when political aspirations hang in the balance, it has also been said; “The secreting or hoarding of knowledge or information may be an act of tyranny camouflaged as humility.”


IMHO, most liberal democratic politicians along with the reelection arm of the DNC, I.E. democratic socialist media minions, have turned camouflaging tyranny, into an art form. And this is at the expense of the health, well-being and economic vitality of the people of this great republic.


Fact checking and the democratic socialist run facebook are not even in the same universe let alone be used in the same sentence. (I know I just did to prove a point)


My personal experience with the uber left in the tank for EVERYTHING leftist-liberal democratic FB, was having our entire group “WakeUpAmerica,” which I was an editor, be deemed to be “not conforming to FB standards” within 3-weeks of Trump being elected POTUS.


All of the admins and editors were given a FB timeout for a week, and the only thing they used as evidence was our pages group picture. Not nudity, not sex, not vulgar language, not homophobia, not race, not sexism etc…etc…but our groups picture!


Our group had just surpassed 1.5 “MILLION” followers and our mission statement was to keep HRC out of the White House and was decidedly PRO-Trump long before it became vogue and long before he gained the republican nomination.


We served our one week timeout and returned, but that only lasted 72 hours as we were all put into “timeout” for 30 days! The reason given yet again was nothing but a picture (Eagle and the American Flag) representing our groups front page.


And now they claim to be the “fact checking police?”


Well I have now sworn off FB (along with myriad others I know both left and right) and will work towards another site that is a truly a neutral one that serves all sides irregardless of political affiliation, age, race, religion, sex ethnicity etc, etc.


IMHO, FB will slowly start melting away as they lose ad revenue (akin to what the lame stream lap dog ‘news’ media outlets are experiencing in real time) by pulling crap like this and will be ultimately regulated to the likes of msnbc etc….this past election reached near apex of exposing the majority of the actual “fake news” outlets to the masses and it is no mistake that they resided on the uber left.


Lastly; this is classic Stalin type tactics, scrub reality to fit your warped utopian vision and demonize all those that oppose you and/or have differences of opinion.


This is nothing new from the leftist-marxist-democratic socialist, it has been the same old broken record agenda driven tactics that have been in place since the “infamous” French Revolution.


These same agenda driven tactics have been responsible for 50+ “million” deaths in its infamous history and this is what the left aspires to be?