The official votes are all in and no surprise, Donald J. Trump will be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States of America. What may surprise you is the historical record breaking amount of faithless electors this election cycle. It may also surprise you to learn which way those faithless electors went in their votes.

This election cycle saw nine attempted faithless electors. We say attempted because some states rather than let these faithless electors cast votes against the will of their people replaced them entirely. In our nation’s entire history, we have seen between 7-9 faithless electors. We say 7-9 because in at least two situations it was debatable whether the elector could truly be called faithless or not. What this means is in one election cycle our nation had more faithless electors than it has had throughout its’ entire recorded history as a sovereign nation.

Celebrities made videos, people sent death threats, emails, tweets and Facebook posts oh my. Yet these faithless electors didn’t all swing the way you might be thinking. In Maine, we saw one faithless elector that cast his vote for Bernie Sanders, rather than Hillary Clinton, knowing this would do nothing to change the outcome he was quoted as having said, “So I cast my Electoral College vote for Bernie Sanders today to let those new voters who were inspired by him know that some of us did hear them, did listen to them, do respect them and understand their disappointment.” Maine declared his vote invalid and effectively forced him to revote for Clinton. A similar situation occurred in Minnesota today with another elector. They opted to cast their vote for Sanders instead of Clinton, with a similar result.

Washington State is probably the silliest place of all that we encountered this election cycle. This state had the highest number of Faithless electors this cycle, with four votes turning away from Clinton who won the popular vote in Washington. That is not what makes it so strange; However, those votes weren’t cast for Trump or even Sanders. Three votes were cast for Collin Powel and the fourth vote was cast for Faith Spotted Eagle, a Native American activist. Individuals who didn’t even enter the presidential race to begin with. Stay kooky Washington we like you that way.

Texas had a very rough day today, not just because of its’ two faithless electors who turned their votes from Trump to Ron Paul and John Kasich respectively. This lovely state also had one elector resign rather than vote and three others resign simply because they were ineligible to be electors in the first place. Ultimately the large majority of Texan electoral votes went to Donald J. Trump.

Colorado had one elector turn from Clinton and attempt to cast his ballot for John Kasich. This elector was promptly removed and replaced with an elector who dutifully cast her vote for Clinton. Leaving all of Colorado’s votes ultimately cast for Clinton.

The irony of the day of course is that, of the Electors that opted to become Faithless and cast their votes against the will of the people, seven of them were supposed to vote for Clinton and only 2 were supposed to vote for Trump. More of Clinton’s electors turned away from voting for her than those for Trump, despite the threats, the celebrity commercials, the emails, tweets, and Facebook posts. It seems all that the leftist’s efforts managed to accomplish was convincing their own electors it was okay to go faithless and not vote for Clinton.

Ultimately, the historical precedence set or not, the electoral voting process today confirmed our 45th president, Donald J. Trump. Thank god, it’s over and we can move into the New Year with fewer doubts and confidence that our Constitutional Republic system cannot be undone by celebrities and poorly thought out protests.