CSPAN will be broadcasting each states electoral votes all day today. For the first time in national history a nation watches with collective breaths held. Never in American history has there existed so much pressure and pleading for the electors appointed to represent the people to betray those very people. This electoral vote is the first in our nation’s history that potentially does not have a predetermined outcome.

Bill Clinton himself was one of the appointed Electors for the state of New York. Seeing him cast the first electoral vote in New York State, which Hillary Clinton won, was surreal. It begged the question how ethical was it to have the spouse of one of the presidential candidates also be an Elector for their state. If she had lost New York would he have cast his vote for Trump?

We will be watching all day and recording all vital information for our readers. All Americans should be paying attention today and staying as informed as is humanly possible. This is a historical moment in which the American people may need to take action to ensure that the will of the people is honored. We have seen over the last month death threats made towards our electors and celebrity videos pleading with the electors to go against the will of the people. This amount of pressure to undermine our republic is unprecedented.

We urge all of our readers to pay attention today and be willing to take action if the will of the people is undermined. Nothing is guaranteed until January 20th when President Elect Donald Trump is sworn in. We the people must be willing to hold our governmental systems accountable if they deny the votes and will of the American people.

We the people deserve representatives that honor our wishes. Will our electors uphold our wishes? What do you think the penalty should be for any electors that go against the will of the people they represent? Comment below and let us know.