Obama hints of moving To Kenya as he cannot live under Trump’s rule. So don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you already. There is much ado in speculating his true reasoning for this, not the least of which is he is scared to death of being arrested for a litany of abuses as President which have all the underpinnings of conspiracy to commit treason against the U.S. Constitution, There is a growing list of documented cases of treason that could be brought to bear if president-elect Trump selects an Attorney General who truly upholds his oath of office, unlike the previous office holders.

Additionally, Trump just put a freeze on the $221 MILLION that Obama tried to slip to the Palestinians a few hours prior to Trump’s Inauguration, pending an investigation. So far, Trump is batting 100 according to his supporters.

It has taken about 3 days to obliterate the Obama Legacy. Nice job, Mr. President! Apparently President Trump has a pen and a phone too!

We’ve always known that somewhere in Kenya, a village was missing its’ idiot. Now we have proof.

Obama’s #221M Palestinian Parting Gift Trumped by Prez, 1451