Commiefornia Governor Jerry Brown has been hitting the hornet’s nest calling President Donald Trump every dirty name in the book, but now Karma is about to bite him in the ass! You cannot hit a hornet’s nest with impunity, and California Governor Jerry Brown is about to get a lesson in it. Even if President Trump allocates funds for shoring up the spillway, it may be too little, too late. You don’t thumb your nose at Mother Nature and expect it to go away. Unfortunately for Commiefornia residents, they elected the wrong person to be their governor, but knowing how President Trump loves all Americans, we’re betting he pulls out the stops trying to rectify the situation.

California is in the red financially thanks to tax and spend Liberalism, and hasn’t got the funds necessary to protect its’ citizens from impending doom because of a spillway break on a dam that was built in the early 1960’s. The dam’s reservoir itself has never come close to the full mark until recently thanks to torrential rains and snowmelt in the high country. The depth of the Oroville Dam is 900 feet. The flood crest is 901 feet. The current level as reported a day and a half ago was 900.7 feet, with only 3/10 of a foot left before water would begin to spill over the dam.

Potentially if the dam were to break, it would impact over 180,000 people. This is why mandatory evacuations are now taking place. Anyone staying in the floodplain risks more than property damage, they are risking their very lives.

Oroville Dam Emergency Spillway Limited Evacuation Ordered

So much for California being a Republic. We doubt Commiefornia Governor Jerry Brown is intelligent enough to realize what this means. Just as snowflake Liberals can’t get it through their thick heads that our nation is a Republic, NOT a democracy; Jerry Brown hasn’t got a clue either. Perhaps this disaster will wake Californians up to the fact that the Democrat Party really doesn’t have the best interests of our nation’s citizens at heart.