Aren’t we all about fed-up with the left wingers and their inability to get over the undeniable fact that President Trump is no friend of Vladimir Putin? After all, we wouldn’t have bombed Putin’s ally Syria if there was any coziness at all between them. 

As near as we can tell, the only coziness with Russia is between the left and Russia. This is their way of trying to deflect criticism to Hillary’s deal with Russia that gave them between 20 and 25% of our available URANIUM. You don’t arm your enemies dumbasses!

The Russian connection is with Hillary Clinton, not Trump.


(Note that the first version we posted here was scrubbed by YouTube. We found another copy and converted it into MP4 so that not even the Clinton’s organization can pressure us to remove it.)

Hillary Clinton approved Russian uranium deal after donations • Lou Dobbs Tonight 04/23/15

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