Caught in the act, Barack Obama admits he was not born in the United States, thereby admitting he was an illegal POTUS. This Muslim usurper has used the Islamic art of deception (Taqiyya) to deceive an entire nation.

“It’s true, I am not American. I wasn’t born in Hawaii. I wasn’t born in the United States of America. I come from Kenya. We are still a place that anyone has a chance to make it, through misleading and dishonest practices if they try. If that were not true, then someone named Barack Hussein Obama, from Kenya, from Africa, would not be elected President of the United States.” –Barack Hussein Obama 2014

So why hasn’t he been charged with TREASON? EVERYTHING he has done in his eight years in office is illegal, and everything he has done is a crime against the American people. He should be charged, tried, and hanged from the nearest tree by his own admission of guilt.

This video has been around for some time, but many Americans have never seen it; only because the MSM (Lamestream Media) suppressed it, and people who DID know it wouldn’t SHARE it when it first appeared on YouTube. The first time it appeared on YouTube, they banned it. This is why I converted that video into an MP4 and downloaded it so it would provide an eternal record of the truth. I realize many of you  no longer are on Facebook, and for many reasons I don’t blame you. But the problem with that is that you can no longer be part of the solution in getting the word out on important issues such as this. There is one other way you can help, if you have a cell phone; and that is to copy and paste the title below along with the bitly link and send it to everybody on your telephone calling list and ask them to do the same and keep it going. Just copy & paste the title below along with the bitly link, and send it to EVERYBODY in your calling list who has a cellphone. If you can’t copy and paste it, then simply type it out. It won’t take more than a couple of minutes to accomplish.

Barack Obama Admits He Was Born in Kenya

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