1. Comey confirmed that Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch interfered with the FBI investigation into Clinton emails and private servers, directing Comey refer to the Clinton criminal investigation as only a “matter” to be consistent with Clinton campaign talking points on the “matter.”
2. Comey considered requesting Special Counsel for the Clinton criminal investigation, but was denied and rebuffed by Attorney General Loretta Lynch shortly after the Clinton-Lynch meeting on an Arizona tarmac.
3. Comey testified that he was one of the government “leakers” who had used a friend to leak private memos unkind towards Trump to the press.
4. Comey confirmed that his desire and motive for wanting to testify was his firing by President Trump.
5. Comey again confirmed that President Trump never asked or ordered him to stop any investigation.
6. Comey confirmed that he did indeed tell Trump on at least three occasions, that he was NOT under any investigation.
7. Comey stated that he was certain that Russia had tried to “hack the election,” but also confirmed again that he had not seen any evidence implicating the Trump campaign working in collusion with Russia.
8. Comey was unable to explain why there was an “ongoing investigation” related to candidate Trump and Russian interference with the election despite no evidence, but no ongoing investigation into Clinton crimes confirmed by Comey in July 2016.
9. Still, no copy of the alleged “memo” was delivered to the Senate panel for inspection.
10. Comey testified that he has an ax to grind with the President who fired him.

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