Democrats have incited violence against republicans for so long that the “resistance” has claimed at least 4 victims.

1) Tim Kaine asked for blood on the streets.

2) Loretta Lynch did the same.

3) Obama asked for his supporters to rise up.

4) CNN announced who would take over the government if all elected republicans were KILLED during Trump’s inauguration.

5) A NY play shows the killing of Trump.

6) Snoop Dog kills Trump in a video.

7) Kathy Griffin decapitates Trump in a photoshoot …Update ….

8) Madonna – “I’ve thought a lot about blowing up the White House.”

9) Robert De Niro: “I’d Like to Punch Him (Trump) in the Face”. 8)Avengers director Joss Whedon: “I Want a Rhino to F*ck Paul Ryan to Death”.

11) The creator of the Wire, David Simon: “Pick Up a G*ddamn Brick” if Trump Fires Robert Mueller.

12) The Wrestler actor Mickey Rourke Threatens to Beat Trump with Baseball Bat: “He Can Suck My F*cking D*ck”.

13) Actress Lea DeLaria Threatens to ‘Take Out’ Republicans and Independents with Baseball Bat after Trump Win.

14) Rapper YG Threatens Trump with “F*ck Donald Trump” Song.

15) Marilyn Manson Kills ‘Trump’ in Music Video.

16) Rapper Everlast Warns Trump: “I Will Punch You in Your F*cking Face”.

17) Larry Wilmore Jokes About Suffocating Trump with ‘Pillow They Used to Kill Scalia’.

18) Stephen Colbert’s Late Show Puts Stephen Miller’s Head on a Spike.

19) Sarah Silverman Suggests Military Could Help Overthrow Trump. 

20) Kathy Griffin promised to beat up Barron Trump…

Bad apples or a rotten tree?

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