Liberal nut job Tweets Sheriff Clarke’s home address calling for left-wing attacks against him; reported by Freedom Daily.

These left-wing extremist nutjobs would have gone stark raving MAD if the militias has done anything near what they have done in recent weeks, yet they are the ones calling conservatives extremists? Remember when former DHS Secretary Janet Reno told us the greatest danger we have to national security was “right wing extremists?” We so-called “right wing extremists” didn’t go around shooting people who we didn’t agree with. So who are the real BIGOTS? That’s a no-brainer. Left-wing Marxist extremists, aka; the Democrat Party are the greatest threat to national security.

So what do you do? We say fight fire with fire. It doesn’t take a huge budget to be able to find out anything you want about ANYONE you want these days thanks to the Worldwide Web.

We propose that anytime a left-wing loon decides to take it upon themselves to “dox” a public official and call out their Libtard extremists to inflict violence upon them to return the favor. Find out the home address of the offending party and post it on all of your conservative Twitter accounts and Facebook groups and Pages.

For those of you who aren’t up on the term “dox,” here is what it means:

“Searching for and publishing private or identifying information about (a particular individual) on the Internet, typically with malicious intent.” “hackers and online vigilantes routinely dox both public and private figures”

How does the old saying go? “Turnabout is fair play?” (Every dog has his day.)

Liberals better get used to the idea, because the militias are watching them, and they really don’t want to screw with the militias.

Militias Forming – USA Preparing Anti Trump Election Riots

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