We do not question there is an element of fake news being spread via Facebook and other social media. It’s all a part of the left-wing agenda. We wanted to bring it to the attention of our  readers so they can help do something about it. We have identified a Facebook GROUP that is owned by Russians and has all Russian or Macedonian Administrators. I was surprised when a friend pointed it out to me, but the American Deplorables Facebook group isn’t even owned by Americans, it is owned by a Russian who lists his address as Macedonia.

Димче Ѓуров
Димче Ѓуров
This is the Russian imposter who started the Facebook American Deplorables group, which has over 32,000 members. He uses the Cyrillic alphabet, which is also used in parts of Russia and Macedonia. 

As you can see by following this link, ALL of his Admins are from foreign countries.

American Deplorables Admins

We need to either ask Facebook to delete this group or ban the owners for setting up a phony group and using it to spread FAKE NEWS, which has become a cottage industry in Macedonia and former Soviet eastern bloc countries. We get enough FAKE NEWS from CNN, we don’t need these jerks emulating them!

Brought to you in the public interest by your friends at Deplorables Republic.

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