Several years ago, I met the author, singer, and choreographer of this video. The lyrics are still relevant today. Please subscribe to his YouTube Channel, CLICK HERE NOW

About the artist: JohnnyB_55 had this to say about his masterpiece:

“I cut this song, and the entire CD all myself. Played all the instruments, did all the backup vocals 1 by 1, and layered them to sound like a chorus of Johnny’s! I cannot play guitar, just so you know. The guitars and bass on the song? All recorded with a Yamaha keyboard! Even the acoustics at the end. I’m a lousy engineer, so the quality could have been a lot better had I really known what I was doing. Just trial and error like you said, and a lot of punch-ins.

Like I said, I know nada about computers and the recording system is NOT a computer-based system. It was done on a Tascam porta-studio that’s about as analog as it gets these days. It’s pretty simple to use and serves a technical dumbass like myself quite nicely. As I was a one man band on this project, this song has never been performed live in front of an audience.

The song is about spitting in the face of tyranny. It is a song of patriot defiance, and the measures we will go to in order to secure our freedoms from communism and globalism. So to my humble mind, it is not MY song, even though it was copyrighted as such….. it is OUR song, the movement’s song. I am but the pizza delivery guy, as it were.”

My thoughts on this: WOW! You’re some kind of pizza delivery guy! Given the choice, we’d rather re-caption the title to read, The Battle Hymn of The Trump Revolution,” or possibly “The Battle Hymn of The Deplorables Revolution,” but we’ll leave that up to the author. You did an awesome job on this, Johnny! We chose to upload it here in MP4 because we never know when YouTube, Google & company will scrub a fine patriotic video such as this. It has happened before, and the information lost forever.

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