BREAKING NEWS: The Tea Party Command Center is about to become the largest force for freedom America has ever seen. It will also become the single largest Tea Party organization in the history of the Tea Party movement

The Wayne Dupree Show 7-17-2017

There is much afoot that you aren’t aware of behind the scenes. My friend Wayne Dupree is going to invite all of his followers on both his website & his Facebook Page to join us on the Tea Party Command Center.

Wayne has 370,000 followers on his website and over 400,000 followers on his Facebook fan page.

The Tea Party Command Center website is about to become the largest Tea Party organization in history. So hang onto your hats and brace yourselves and watch this website become the single largest force for freedom this nation has ever seen. Once those 400K members are onsite and invite ALL of their friends, Facebook will become a thing of the past for the conservative movement.

Avoid the rush. If you aren’t yet a member of the Tea Party Command center, NOW is your chance to avoid the rush. Simply click on the link below to register: