I first heard about Oxygen Therapy from a longtime friend on Facebook, who told me he had been using food-grade hydrogen peroxide for years. His story was amazing, but it only served to strengthen my view that Big Pharma is not our friend. Neither is the Food and Drug Administration. Oxygen therapy can cure not just cancer, but HIV and other serious diseases, but Big Pharma doesn’t want you to know about it because they cannot patent the active ingredient, which is 35% Food-grade Hydrogen Peroxide; and it is available inexpensively at many major outlets.

Big Pharma and the insurance industry intend to keep us sick while impoverishing most of us with ridiculously high health insurance and medical costs. They can’t get rich without sick patients, so why would they inform you that there ARE cures for many cancers and other illnesses? The answer is simple: GREED

All the while they claim they are searching for a cure, they not only bilk us out of our hard-earned money, they sponsor events like “Run For The Cure” when the cure already exists, The problem is that Big Pharma can’t patent these cures, so they can’t make a dime from them!

It’s like adding insult to injury to force us to pay for ridiculous health insurance premiums and ask us to donate for the cure, too? The problem is too many Americans think the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cares about the citizens of this country. They don’t. They were bought and paid for by Big Pharma long ago.

NOTE: Do not purchase ANY food-grade hydrogen peroxide that is less than 35%. There are charlatans everywhere who would rather sell you lesser products at inflated prices and rip you off. Food-grade Hydrogen Peroxide is available from many outlets, particularly health food stores.

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Hidden Cures You’re not supposed to know about