There is more to MeWe than meets the eye. We recently started an International Preppers GROUP on MeWe, which is full of Prepper information, & it is open to the public from around the world.

Absolutely NO POLITICS are allowed on the group. Anyone posting politics will be removed from the group immediately.

Don’t worry, we won’t allow any Muzrats on the group. If any do show-up, they’ll get the ban button immediately. By the way, you don’t have to use your real name on the website, unlike Facebook. American state militia leaders are welcome and encouraged to form their own groups on MeWe.

Face it, people around the world are interested in the Prepper lifestyle and self-sufficiency. We intend to make this group one of the best sources for Prepper and self-sufficiency resources anywhere on the Internet.

So for all of you Preppers out there, Sign-Up on MeWe using the link below. When you Sign-UP using this link, you will automatically become a member of our Prepper group.

CLICK HERE NOW to Join MeWe & Preppers International