It would appear that Hillary finally will be going down, but this time in flames and forever. Somehow, this really doesn’t shock me. Both Clintons have been engaged in vile, deviant, sexual behavior since the beginning. Hillary called her detractors and Trump supporters “deplorables.”

There is no single word that could used to describe her or the Clinton Family Legacy, but I can think of several: Pure, unadulterated evil.

There’s no real need for further dialogue here. let’s get on with the video:

This witch needs to burn!

Ever wonder why the Clintons look so haggard without make-up?

Kuru is an incurable, degenerative, and ultimately fatal condition similar to mad cow disease, but instead of contracting it by eating contaminated beef, you exclusively get it through eating human flesh. Kuru was first identified in the ’50s in Papua New Guinea, where it spread thanks to the cannibalistic habits of the Fore tribe. The Fore would ritualistically consume the bodies of their dead—including the brains, where most of the infectious proteins (called “prions”) can be found.

Symptoms of kuru include tremors, hysterical laughter, slurred speech, and eventually being unable to move or swallow. The incubation period is typically between 10 and 13 years, but cases have been reported 50 years or more after exposure. Most sufferers die within a year following the onset of symptoms.

Facts about cannibalism, see more >>

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More Damning Evidence Indicates Hillary is a Cannibal