You Have The RIGHT to remain PRIVATE!

The recent exposure of Cambridge Analytica’s illegal hack of Facebook’s customer data is yet another good reason to have you – your family, and even your company behind a VPN. Because as long as your Facebook is open – even though it’s on a separate page or tab, Facebook – according to media reports – is somehow watching where you are going. That can’t happen when you are behind a VPN. (Virtual Private Network)

And it’s not hard to go stealth – in fact it’s fun. Here’s what it looks like:

Double-click the Virtual Shield app. Click Sign in.

It takes about 5 seconds to sign in. Now you can simply click on Connect and VirtualShield will pick the location and sign you in from there in another 5 seconds.

Or, if you click the arrow, it takes you to a selection list where you can choose to be coming from Paris, or London or Japan. Or, you can pick from a dozen locations in the US. Once you’ve made a selection, x out of this window, then click “Connect”. In another 5 seconds, all your traffic will be going through a server in some exotic location, and just be part of the normal traffic with millions of others. No one can read your traffic because it’s encrypted, so it’s just impossible to see which one of these pieces of billions of bits per second, is your traffic.

And if you have a business, you absolutely should not go another day without VirtualShield. Look at this deal they’ve got: As low as 49.99 per month. 50-100 devices, unlimited bandwidth and phone support if you need it.

And like any product we approve of, it comes with a 30-day, money-back guarantee. You can get it all for as little as $5.99 a month.

Try VirtualShield’s 30 day money-back guarantee offer today.

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