Our new PatrioticSpace website has such GREAT POTENTIAL. The biggest problem we are facing is being able to optimize it to the point it works as well as facebook, and that is because we don’t have the budget facebook does.

As an example of how some of our features work, check out the following blog which was very professionally crafted and created by one of our members, Andrew Zarowny. Whether you are using a mobile device or a laptop or desktop PC, the blog appears very professional.

North Korea Yields To Trump Mercy Doctrine


If every member of this website were to donate a mere $5.00 to our cause, we would have more than enough money to not only optimize the new social network, but to upgrade it beyond imagination. $5.00 isn’t much. Is $5.00 each too much to ask for a website that will allow you and all of your friends to have a place where you can speak your mind without fear of censorship? Give up a single espresso coffee and help give Americans a censorship free social network.

Please donate at least $5.00 to our cause by clicking on the link below to our GoFundMe account. And while you’re there, please click on the Share options available to you to help publicize our efforts.