#GAB social media is what YOU make of it and nothing more.

It’s one of the last blank free speech truth canvases left online in the world.

If you get easily shocked, annoyed, offended, angry, scared, or overly sensitive about your feelings you will hate GAB and not last long. If someone offends your sensibilities, simply go to their profile and click on the MUTE link, and you will never again see any of their offensive drivel.

You will see and hear things that you’ve never been exposed to before in your life and the Gabosphere will challenge all your held beliefs, morals, values, ideologies, and convictions.

Good luck and may the GAB force be with you.

The link below is the key that unlocks the door:


Highlight, copy & paste it and email it to everybody on your email list. If you enjoy annoying leftists, copy & paste this entire message and post it on all of your social networks, but especially on fascistbook.