One of the Left-wingers  biggest complaints about President Trump is his not being ‘presidential’ enough. Their hypocrisy is un-nerving at times.

What about this guy?

They idolize him, and he turned the Oval Office into the Oral Office.

A picture says a thousand words. It is why memes are so popular.

Now liberals worldwide are trying to censor the use of memes. They really don’t like them, because they expose the TRUTH without any lengthy dialogue.  EU authoritarians are now clamping down on Internet freedom by censoring memes

Left-wingers abhor the truth. I found this out the hard way when I received a permanent ban from fascistbook over a year ago for posting truthful memes which depicted the 1924 Democrat National Convention “klanbake.” The overwhelming majority of those attending the 1924 DNC were members of the KKK. This is historical fact the left-wingers don’t like to be reminded of; especially considering their flagrant lies that Republicans are racist KKK members. Hello? It was Republicans who freed their slaves, not the other way around!

So if President Trump isn’t “presidential enough,” why is it that it is ‘OK’ for a philandering, womanizing, cuck of a president to be idolized as if he were some sort of demigod? Granted, President Trump was a playboy before he settled down, but at least he didn’t turn the White House into a whorehouse like Bill Clinton did.

Let’s not forget the sexual-assault allegations against Bill Clinton. President Trump has never been accused of criminal sexual activities, but no doubt somebody will fabricate something of that nature eventually to attempt to smear him.

Let’s also not forget that Bill Clinton WAS impeached for perjury in his under-oath deposition regarding the Monica Lewinski scandal.

At the same time, let us also not forget that the radical far left wing liberal Democrats have tried to impeach every Republican president since Eisenhower. You might say it was expected.

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