The Good News is we haven’t given-up on creating an online website for conservatives that is mobile-friendly.
The new site in progress has all of the features below and also includes a free App for Android. It is user-friendly to all mobile devices, but we will only have an Android App, not an iOS app; which is fine because most Americans use Android anyway. If users want to use the site, they will either have to trash their iPhones or get an Android or just use the site via their own devices without an app. I am working on developing Amazon Apps, but it has been a slow and tedious process and I’m not there yet.
The best part of it is that it cost us about 1/7th of what we had invested in the website for the first year, and it is Adsense compatible. However, we can’t rely on Adsense for income because of their censorship of conservatives; so we may have to consider some other source of income to keep the site going beyond the first year. The social network’s name will be “The Deplorables” or perhaps “DeplorablesOnline.”
The site will be on a secure server and the URL will be:
(Don’t bother clicking on the link yet, it won’t work until the site is on the server.)


  • 100% user data and content ownership. It‘s all yours
  • Groups
  • Photos
  • Live Chat
  • Messaging
  • Wall thread
  • Embed videos
  • Block Profile
  • Likes
  • Mobile call link
  • User Profile
  • Search
  • Ads
  • Notifications
  • Poke
  • Friends
  • Smiles
  • Stats
  • Mobile Login
  • Comments
  • Ban User
  • Videos upload
  • Users categories
  • Multiple Upload
  • Dislike
  • Birthdays
  • Reported Contents
  • Words censorship
  • Multiple Colors
  • Site offline
  • Social Login
  • Post Sentiment
  • Extended Members
  • Premium Themes
  • Post sharing
  • *Mobile Android App
  • Access Code
  • Custom Fields
  • Site Moderators
  • Technical support
  • Verified Profiles
  • Link Preview
  • Hashtags

We don’t have to pay per month or per year, we have an affordable one time fee. We intend to be as censorship-free as possible, but we may opt to censor some profane words due to the fact we want the site to be family oriented & family friendly. If we can’t choose adjectives that aren’t profane, there is something wrong. I call it “stinking thinking.”

Stay subscribed to this website for our launch announcement. We will also probably announce the launch on Conservative Firing Line because they have a greater reach than we do on this website.