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BOYCOTT FACEBOOK: Join the MeWe Revolution!

Via MeWe founder & CEO Mark Weinberg

Watching Mark Zuckerberg testify was simply jaw-dropping.

1) Senator Graham asks Mark Zuckerberg to name Facebook’s competitors and MZ refuses to answer – name any competitors, is there an alternative to Facebook?

MZ refuses to name MeWe – because he knows that will be the beginning of the end of Facebook!

2) MZ says: “I started Facebook when I was in college” and 14 years later he still says “So we have made a lot of mistakes in running the company. I think it’s pretty much impossible, I believe, to start a company in your dorm room and then grow it to be at the scale that we’re at now without making some mistakes.”

WOW – what a lame and bogus excuse – he’s essentially saying “I’m still just a little baby” and therefore not responsible for any mistakes in running the most violating company in the world that violates everyone’s privacy, manipulates everyone’s newsfeed, and uses AI (artificial intelligence) to track and monitor everything people do.

3) Mark Zuckerberg avoids owning up to anything and completely ducks any “Yes or “No” answer. Why? Because as Senator Sullivan said to Zuckerberg: “You have a lot of lobbyists. Every lobbyist in town is involved in this hearing.”

4) Facebook found out about the Cambridge Analytica breach in December of 2015. Yet when asked why Facebook decided at that time not to notify the 87 million members whose data was breached, he said “I don’t remember a conversation like that.”

5) While testifying, Zuckerberg took every opportunity to plug Facebook using “AI” to monitor everything that Facebook members do – EVERYTHING – this is the OPPOSITE of PRIVACY. And they already do this – Facebook members have no privacy – NONE.

6) He lied countless times about deleting a Facebook account. Finally in his last response he admitted: “If you’ve shared content with someone else then we can’t guarantee . . . “ Let me explain this gray area – your content doesn’t delete as long as any friends you’ve shared with are still on Facebook and have your content in their newsfeed.

7) Zuckerberg defends “Messenger Kids” while being questioned about this Facebook application that is for 6-12 year olds. UGH! This may be his WORST IDEA. Getting 6-year olds hooked on Facebook – with all due respect, this guy is just plain wrong. Kids deserve a better future – not an early addiction to the poison and manipulation of Facebook.

MZ’s entire testimony was based on avoiding the truth and declining to answer any question directly. A billionaire and he can’t even put his tie on nicely. I was impressed with the quality of the questioning by most of our Congressional leaders – granted some were much more tech savvy than others.

Bottom Line:
Let’s all restore democracy now! Let’s rescue all our friends and family members now from this monster called Facebook. It’s time for a FRESH START, TO MAKE THE CHANGE, IT’S TIME FOR MeWe!

*Somehow we need to tell Mr. Weinberg that we are a Republic, NOT a democracy; but he is headed in the right direction with this post.

Join MeWe NOW, simply click on the link below to get started.

#DeleteFacebookNow #FreshStart #MeWe

That’s right Mark. You SUCK!

Before you jump ship on Facebook, add insult to injury by exporting ALL of your Facebook friends’ email addresses so you can invite them to MeWe and your other social networking websites. Watch the video tutorial below to learn how easy it is to do:

How to Export Your Facebook Friends List, Contacts to Gmail, Excel, Outlook csv.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Kekistan But Were Afraid to Ask

The latest craze on the internet is the group called The Republic of Kekistan. It’s mascot most people know as PePe, the cute little green frog who poses in all sorts of compromising shots aimed at various targets, including radical Islam. The best description I can think of is the organization is a parody, a spoof; aimed at Internet censorship, but particularly against Facebook’s ongoing censorship of conservatives.

“Kekkers,” or devotees of Kekistan call themselves “Kekservatives,” which is predominantly conservative in their viewpoints against ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter, but the group is also anti-globalism and anti-radical Islam, as demonstrated by the risque meme below:

Välkommen till Sverige, även känt som Minnesota
TRANSLATION: Welcome to Sweden, also known as Minnesota

Welcome to Sweden

Videos such as the one below also lampoon in a menacing sort of way at ANTIFA.

Antifa Parody (“Mad World” Parody w/ZDL) – & KYK Update from their Free Press of Kekistan YouTube Channel.

The Republic of Kekistan has a group on the newly popular MeWe social network, which is ideal for them, as there is little if any censorship on MeWe, unlike Facebook. Below is a post from their MeWe group:

Greetings from the Republic of Kekistan
Join the Republic of Kekistan!

Kekistan holds three principles that no one can bypass:

  1. Free speech
  2. Privacy/anonymity
  3. Autonomy

More on the Republic of Kekistan from their informational Republic of Kekistan Wiki

 The national anthem of Kekistan is Shadilay by P.E.P.E., and the salute of Kekistan is “May Kek be with us!”

Kekkers must be doing something right, they have raised the ire of the SPLC (Southern Perversion Liberal Communists)

The SPLC Denounces Kekistan

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There is more to MeWe than meets the eye. We recently started an International Preppers GROUP on MeWe, which is full of Prepper information, & it is open to the public from around the world.

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Don’t worry, we won’t allow any Muzrats on the group. If any do show-up, they’ll get the ban button immediately. By the way, you don’t have to use your real name on the website, unlike Facebook. American state militia leaders are welcome and encouraged to form their own groups on MeWe.

Face it, people around the world are interested in the Prepper lifestyle and self-sufficiency. We intend to make this group one of the best sources for Prepper and self-sufficiency resources anywhere on the Internet.

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