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Little Hitler

Little Hitler, Kim Jong Un has his own Facebook Page now

Little Hitler, Kim Jong Un has his own Facebook Page now. How about everybody go there and upload insulting memes? You don’t have to “Like” his “Page” to post on it.

He definitely isn’t the smartest little turd. This morning he threatened his only ally, Red China.

Suspended by Facebook AGAIN!

Heil,  “Little Hitler” Mark Zuckerberg! 
In light of the ANTIFA riots at Berkely, this meme has been going viral on Facebook. That is UNTIL Fascistbook suspended me from posting for 30 days, because it did not fit into their “community standards.” 

There is NOTHING about it that is against their community standards, except it puts one of their “snowflakes” in a bad light, albeit 100% TRUE. Granted, the girl is wearing a slinky see-through blouse revealing her nipples, but she IS wearing a blouse. She is also a porn star and a self admitted whore, just like most Liberals.

She went to the ANTIFA protests in Berkely, California, where she said she wanted to get “100 scalps,” but ran into an anti-ANTIFA Deplorable who cleaned her clock. That’s what this meme is all about.

PLEASE SHARE THIS POST ALL OVER FACEBOOK. While you’re at it, please someone post it on Zuckerberg’s wall.


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